Getting your app on the Google Play top charts
What is the secret of success?

Have you made a first-class mobile app for Android and want it to make money? Then the shortest path to success is getting your app on the store top charts! After all, hundreds of thousands of people are viewing the top charts every day.

How can you get into the Google Play top charts?

Promoting Android apps and games in Google Play is a pretty complicated business. The ranking algorithm takes into account feedback, deletion rate, product price, external links, and many other criteria. The quality of your screenshots and icons, how well the app matches user preferences, and a thousand other factors which you even do not know about, affect your ranking in the search results.

Probably only Google itself knows how exactly to promote an Android app into the store top charts. But the only thing which is clear is that you need to have very high download rate (thousands and even ten thousands of installs per day) in order to get your app on the Google Play top charts. For example, in order to get on the top charts in Russia, you need to have at least 100,000 installs within five days.

Despite these daunting numbers, there is one guaranteed way to instantly get your app on the top charts. We will tell you about it a little later. Now we would like to share

6 useful recommendations on
how to promote your app on Google Play
that any developer can take advantage of

  1. Invite your audience to help you create your app.
You need to start promoting your Android app during the development stage. Invite your potential audience to test your product. In order make volunteers interested, offer active participants free access to paid features or valuable prizes. Testing will reveal bugs in your app and will make it possible to modify the product according to user wishes.
  1. Promote your app on the Internet
Make a website dedicated to the program, on the landing page tell the features your app. In order to achieve maximum effect, create a blog and a forum to promote your app. You will definitely need those resources over the long term. Send press releases to the editors of specialized Internet publications on topics that are suitable for these sites. If you're lucky, they will tell their readers about your app for free in their news feed. In addition, purchase paid reviews on sites and blogs that are read by your target audience. Contact a PR agency that has a database of relevant websites.
  1. Promote your app
In order to do this, use the Yandex and Google contextual advertising systems, place banners on relevant platforms, and start promoting your Android app via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other social networks. If you have a subscribers base, then you can encourage installs by sending e-mail newsletters out, and you can periodically remind your subscribers about your app. Look into mobile advertising exchange services. You can get additional free downloads through them.
  1. Show the best side of your app.
Give your program a more appealing description on Google Play so that users notice it. Publish a detailed description using key phrases. Make a video overview that will place your app in its best light. Create eye-catching icons and screenshots showing the interface of the program. Post information on websites with reviews of Android apps. Post new topics with a description of your app on Android forums and social networks. Do not forget to communicate with users and respond to them. Another way to promote Android apps is to do it using topical blogs. They are similar to sites with reviews, but they feature more communication with visitors and attracting new users from social networks.
  1. Ask users to rate the app
Reviews play an important role in getting your app on Google Play top charts. In order to get more positive reviews, ask users to rate the app before they finish using it. However, do not launch a dialog requesting the user to rate your app every time they launch the program. And remember that if users do not like the app, they will leave negative reviews. So, firstly fix all the bugs un your app.
  1. Optimize it.
Reduce the app's size. Create several specialized apps instead of one universal one. Include a "What's New" section in your app description, which lists the bug fixes and added features since the previous release. Without following these steps, your app is likely join the digital garbage pile.

Without following these steps, your app will likely join the digital garbage pile.

But what if you want to see results right away instead of waiting a few months? That's where we can come to the help!

Do you want to your app or game to reach the top charts?

Incentivised traffic is proven way to rapidly promote games on Google Play

Obtaining a large number of downloads is the most important factor determining whether the app reaches the top charts. This is one of the most important factors that determines an app's ranking on Google Play. Without having a decent number of downloads, your target audience will not know about your game or app.

Incentivised traffic helps you to achieve the required number of downloads. That is, users will install your app for a reward.

If you buy a lot of incentivised installs at once, your app can quickly reach the top charts. Also, if your app is interesting and useful, people who have been paid to install the app can transform into users. Your program will become more popular, and you can just sit back and watch the money coming into your account.

It's quite expensive to keep up your download rate only through incentivised traffic. However, it is much more reasonable to use this method just to give your program an initial boost that is needed to start ramping up your sales. And when you stop using paid installs, you can count on hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of organic users that will continue to download your program. So, app promotion on Google Play pays off.

You have two options for reaching the top charts: do everything yourself, or order a turnkey service. Knowing that it is difficult to manage traffic, there is a risk that you will not get into the top charts and find additional organic users, so you might waste your money.

We offer Google Play promotional services without any prepayment, and we guarantee you a result. You get none of the risks and the headaches, and in several days your app will reach the top charts in the Google Play Store.

If you doubt that your app will become succesful or you have limited financial resources, we are ready to be your Publisher. In this case, there is absolutely nothing that you have to do on your side to promote the app. , However, when you achieve success, you will need to pay us a fee.

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